Why Choose Planet 1st?

Every consumption has a consequence on the state of our Planet.

There is enough evidence that consumption of animal-based products has devastating consequences on the state of our health and the Planet.

Dairy Free and Delicious milk at Planet 1st
The future is dairy free and delicious!


  • Do I need to refrigerate my bottle?

    Yes. The bottle must be kept in refrigerator at all times, preferably not on the side door.

  • Why is my product separated?

    Because we don’t use gums or emulsifiers, some separation is natural especially if the product hasn’t been touched for a while. Simply give the bottle a good shake and it should come back together.

  • What is Zero Waste Packaging?

    Most of the products today are packaged with Plastic bottles or Tetrapack. The fact is both cannot be recycled completely. We need to use packaging which can be recycled infinitely.

  • How can I order online?

    Once you click on the Buy Now button, you will get a link to make the payment. Simply send the screenshot of the payment and your delivery address on our Whatsapp number 7738095150 to confirm the order. We will take care of the rest.


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