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The Ultimate Nutrition Food Kit

The Ultimate Nutrition Food Kit works on a Monthly Subscription basis
At the start of the subscription month, we will deliver
- Sprouted Protein Powder (Made from Sprouted Sattu, nuts&seeds)
- Chocolate Almond Butter (Made from Sprouted Almond)
- Sprouted Flour for Kids (Made from Sprouted Sattu)
- Sprouted Choco Energy Balls (Made from Almond)

& once every week, we will deliver
- Fresh Sprouted Almond Milk (Made from Sprouted Almond)
- Fresh Sprouted Ragi Dosa Batter (Made from Sprouted Ragi)

*DAIRY-FREE products are only deliverable in Mumbai.

Rs. 5200.00  Rs. 3990.00

    Did you know that Wheat, Ragi, Sattu, Almond, Lentils are all seeds & they SPROUT? What happens when they SPROUT?
    - Protein (breaks into)----> Amino Acids = Bioavailable
    - 1000% increase in Iron
    - 47% reduction in Gluten in Wheat
    - 20% increase in Calcium
    - 200% increase In Micronutrients
    - (Reduced - downward arrow) Constipation, bloatiness issues